Alzheimer’s Jamaica Activities: 2007-2015

One year after Alzheimer’s Jamaica was registered Dundeen Ferguson and Nadine Evering were invited by ADI to participate in their educational programme Alzheimer’s University for new Alzheimer’s Associations. It was there that we met Keith & Lillian Turner and Orien Reid-Nix Chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Keith Turner, a retired Chiropractor was living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Lillian his wife was his caregiver. Keith & Lillian were dementia care advocates who visited the island in September 2007 to help raise awareness on Alzheimer’s Disease. They were made Honorary Members of Alzheimer’s Jamaica. Keith passed away a few years ago but is remembered for his passion advocating for persons living with dementia and their caregivers.


Orien Reid Nix visited to help us with our first fundraiser in 2007. During her brief stay she met with members, made a courtesy visit on Dr. Pate the PAHO representative in Jamaica, was a guest on TVJ’s morning show and was interviewed by Ian Boyne on his programme Profile. The fundraiser was well supported and she spoke passionately about the need for everyone to be aware of Alzheimer’s Disease and its effect on families and caregivers.

World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated September 21 yearly and the organization often hosts forums; make presentations at the invitation of community groups or participate at health fairs

Since 2014 the organization became more engaged in activities with sister Associations across the Caribbean with the support of ADI to establish the Caribbean Alzheimer’s Association. Our member Zadha Tulloch is a member of the Steering Committee of this Association.

May 2015 TuneIn a group led by Lisa Anderson held a Gala Fundraising event to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society (UK) and Alzheimer’s Jamaica. Thanks to Lisa and the team for this event which we have benefitted from and has led to the launch of our webpage.