Slovenia launches National Dementia Plan

The Slovenian government signed a National Strategy on Dementia for 2016-2020 last month in Llubljana. Minster for Health, Kolar Celarc officially signed the strategy for 2016-2020 on May 24. Alzheimer’s Slovenia, Spomincica, was part of a taskforce of experts created to help establish guidelines for a national strategy in 2010, including calling on the government to establish a National Dementia Centre.

Signing of the strategy was followed by a press conference hosted by Stefanija L. Zlobec president of Spomincica,  including Zvezdan Pirtosek from the Neurology Clinic of Ljubljana, Tatjana Cvetko from Community Health Centre Koper, Dusanka Petric from the Ministry of Health, Minister of Health Milojka Kolar Celarc and Janja Romih from the Ministry of Labour (pictured).

ADI congratulates the Alzheimer’s Association of Slovenia and is currently supporting members to advocate for national plans in Slovak Republic, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay after plans were already launched this year in Indonesia and Greece. Chile is currently waiting on the political sign-off on a proposed National Plan expected in the next 2-3 months.

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